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Your Financial Future is Insight

1st Peak is a simple investing app that automatically
picks winning stocks just for you. 

Advisor AI App

What is 1st Peak?

The app is an automated stock advisor that helps average investors make money from the stock market. 1st Peak displays winning stock predictions with an extremely simple and easy to understand mobile app design.

Sophisticated Algorithms

1st Peak uses investment banking financial algorithms, and our own mix of sentiment analysis and neural network frameworks to provide extremely accurate stock and ETF predictions in just 15 seconds. 

Social Investing Advice

The app minimizes risk by allowing you to get instant quality investment advice from other subscribers and investment pros.

It's like Uber for Investing

You (passenger) + Successful Investors (drivers) + 1st Peak App = 70% Successful Trade Rate

Your success is our success. Our goal is to make sure that our app supports you in making great investment decisions, so that you can make money in both up and down markets. 

Shared Economy Advice

Just like Uber is the "technology glue" between passengers and drivers; 1st Peak puts average investors together with successful investors (during and after market hours) to make actionable trade decisions. 

Rigorously Tested App

1st Peak undergoes nightly benchmark testing of our machine learning algorithms, to make sure our prediction accuracy stays consistently high. Our testing model repeatedly sees a 10% ROI every 3 month trading cycle.

Our Team

Sean O'Connor, CEO

Designed multiple SaaS apps for
GE Digital, Led teams at Wells Fargo,
US BANK, eBay, Autodesk

Michael Lam, CTO

Stanford University Graduate, MCS

Developed multiple SaaS Apps for
GE, NASA, Ellie Mae, Boeing

Nina Grooms Lee, Advisor

Harvard University MBA

GM of Global Digital, Ford Motor Co.

Jason White, Advisor

Head of Marketing, Apple

Beats By Dre, Fmr. HoM of Nike Global

Todd Keitel, Advisor

ACCM-IoT, CTO, GE Digital,
R& D of Stochastic AI Systems

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